Activities Namibia

Unlike traditional travel sites that usually list down activities to do in different places, Activities Namibia lists interesting experiences (curated by people) that travellers can not only browse but also book and experience themselves. In a nutshell, our website promises to connect travellers/adventurers with tour operators and activity organizers in a seamless way.

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Travel & Tourism

We love Travel & Tourism and take joy in creating memorable experiences for people.

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Sustainable Travel

We encourage sustainable and responsible tourism, as do our partners and the Activity Operators in Namibia.

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Mission & Values

We want to make it easy for travelers to book activities and also pay for them. We want Activities Namibia to be the number one Activity booking site for Namibia.

About Activities Namibia

Adventure Awaits!


A visit to Namibia is always exceptional and what creates your experience has a lot to do with the Activities that you enjoy during your stay in Namibia.
For many years activity bookings have been made by either an overseas agent, your tour operators and the activity operator directly. Availability and rates always had to be checked via email or telephone.
Activities Namibia was born out of the need for having an online booking solution, so that you, the traveller can book your activities beforehand and pay and confirm them before arriving in Namibia. This way you avoid any disappointment of no availability, especially during our peak season.
Natasha had an idea to use the knowledge she has of ActivityBridge, the online activities booking channel manager and couple this with an online bookings portal for activities and in this way the user can choose his dates, time slots and make payment all online and just arrive in Namibia and Adventure Awaits them!


How does Activities Namibia work?
You, the traveller will visit our website and check through a list of activities that is offered in a specific area that you will be staying in, then choose your unique adventure and select your chosen date, once this has been completed, you can view the price and decide to continue and book and pay for your activity.

In a nutshell:

Browse our adventures on offer
Select your activity of choice
Select your date
Select your time slot
Confirm the price
Enter your payment details
Confirm your booking

……… processing…….

People Power

Our Owners are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing people with experience!

Two directors bring together over 35 years of experience in Namibian tourism and each one offers their unique skills to make Activities Namibia a complete booking platform that can be used by the general public as well as offer an access to tour operators who wishes to book activities for their clients.

Oliver ‘Nerd’ Ahrens offers his extensive skills in web development, design and marketing to make Activities Namibia an outstanding user-friendly website, he is the owner of CWell Media and My Namibia Holiday and he is involved with Destinations Swakopmund and through his well-connected networking we can broaden our reach with Activities Namibia.

Natasha ‘Chatter box’ vd Walt started NB Consult more than 5 years ago and before she gained over 10 years of experience in lodge management, reservations and marketing within the Namibian tourism industry. She reached a point where she wanted to create an easier experience for a traveller to book his journey in Namibia and teamed up with Nightsbridge/Activitybridge and so NB Consult was born, through her extensive skills and experience with online reservations software and understanding systems, the thought of offering an Activity booking platform and partner with Activitybridge as a channel, made complete sense as this will offer the traveller a much easier way to book activities, before arriving in Namibia.

'The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.'- Eleanor Roosevelt


People who always support and endorse our good work!